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veterans in acting

Military Veterans in Acting

One of the most appealing things about breaking into the entertainment industry is it can happen at any time. You…

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celebrities with disabilities

Successful Celebrities with Disabilities

Disabilities can make life more complicated. Though success at times may seem outright impossible, it’s important to remember there are…

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disabilities and the entertainment industry

Disabilities and the Entertainment Industry

Our culture is expanding the demand for variety in all forms of media. Whether you want to act, model, sing,…

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music teaching

Alternative Singing Careers: Teaching and Voice Coaching

Whether you’ve already had a taste of stardom and are ready to retire from the spotlight, or you love to…

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singing entertainer

Unique Singing Jobs: Singing Entertainers

Imagine having the ability to bring others joy simply by doing what you love. To make people dance, sing along,…

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commercial singer

Unique Singing Jobs: Commercial Singing

When someone’s career aspirations focus on being in the entertainment business, we often think of that as a lofty goal.…

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professional dancer

Is Being a Professional Dancer Worth It?

Many of us wish we were born with that certain “star quality.” We admire those who can carry a tune,…

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professional singer

How Can I Become a Professional Singer?

If you love singing, chances are you’ve considered a professional music career at some point. Apart from earning from your…

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discovery spotlight 2021

Highlight Reel: December 2021 Talent Expo

The Discovery Spotlight Team was blown away with the outpouring of talent witnessed and recognized at the Dec. 2021 Model…

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How to Become a Successful Commercial Actor

Being a commercial actor, and a successful one at that, may not sound like the most glamorous job. But if…

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Discovery Spotlight discusses some unusual modeling jobs.

Unusual Modeling Jobs

Do you dream of walking the runways in Milan but stand 5’5” in heels? Or maybe you love fashion but…

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steps to becoming an actor

Does Your Child Actor Want to Be on Nickelodeon?

Nickelodeon is one of the best networks for kids and teens, with an amazing lineup of shows, including Danger Force,…

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