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Do I Need A Resume for Acting and Modeling?

One of the biggest things to remember when getting into acting and modeling is that first and foremost, this is a business. And just like every business, you have to apply for a job by submitting your resume. Even though you may have an agent or manager who can interact with casting directors to get…

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5 Audition Tips from a Casting Director

Casting directors are always looking for the “it” factor when considering new talent in auditions. They want to see how marketable and talented you really are. How are they able to tell how talented someone is in short audition and interview? They have years of experience and know exactly what the directors and producers are…

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What Does a Casting Director Do?

If you’re new to the entertainment industry, figuring out who does what can be a little confusing. Continuing in our blog series introducing key terms and phrases, this week we’re going to talk about casting directors. What do they do? Who are they? And how can you impress them? Their Job Casting directors are essential…

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