Discovery Awaits!

Since 2006, Discovery Spotlight  has been providing aspiring models, actors, singers and dancers exposure to some of the most influential agents, recruiters and casting directors in the entertainment industry.

Our company discovers, develops, and launches top talent. We streamline the process, preparing you, saving you time, and placing you in front of the right contacts. Discovery Spotlight helps you navigate the industry and offers ongoing career support.

The Discovery Spotlight Model & Talent Expo helps increase awareness of one's true potential and ability to succeed. We truly believe that Discovery Begins Within.

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Agent Reviews

Top talent scouts look forward to Discovery Spotlight events because they are guaranteed to find fresh faces and unparalleled talent. They appreciate the professionalism and hours of preparation that go into every event and make a point to attend as many as possible.

Registering for a Discovery Spotlight Expo gives you the opportunity to meet and perform for the best in the business!


Jayla Cropps
 Click Models | Winter 2018 Expo


Sydney Proctor
Ford Models | Fall 2016 Expo


Griffin Tillem
Red Model Management, NY | Spring 2018 Expo


Angelina Rosa Leach
MMG/Mini Pop Kids | 2016 & 2017 Expos


Amelia Stewart
2020 Overall Model Winner

Marcia Jackson

Marcia Jackson
Senior Model & Talent | Summer 2020 Expo

Jordan Williams

Jordan Williams
2023 Elite Overall Vocal Performance Winner

Anzi Debenedetto

Anzi Debenedetto
Buchwald Talent Agency | Summer 2020 Acting Winner

Kim Leftwich

Kim Leftwich
2021 Elite Overall Model Winner
Loreal, Vogue, and Free Care Commercial

lockhart play

Journey Lockhart
Evolution Atlanta/Charlotte | PCG Talent Agency Cincinnati