Nail your next audition with these audition tips from a casting director

5 Audition Tips from a Casting Director

Casting directors, like the one offering these audition tips,  are always looking for the “it” factor when considering new talent. They want to see how marketable and talented you really are. How are they able to tell how talented someone is in a short audition and interview? They have years of experience and know exactly what the directors and producers are looking for. You want to make sure that you come prepared to an audition and make strong choices in your presentation to impress them.

Our list of audition tips from a casting director can help you make the right choices and follow correct procedure when trying out for that role you really want.

1. Know your Character

Before you’re in the room, be sure you know exactly how you want to perform the character. Strong, deliberate choices in your performance stand out to casting directors and show that you are prepared. Don’t apologize for the way you interpret the character. That’s your job. You demonstrate your dedication and intentionality when you commit yourself fully to the role.

2. Be Flexible

While it’s good to know the character your performing, it’s also equally important to be flexible when you’re in the room. The directors might ask you to change your performance slightly or do a scene differently than you would have originally. If they do, don’t freak out! They might have liked your performance but just want to see your range and different styles.

3. Dress to Impress

When deciding what you wear for a casting, research the actual client the casting directors are working for and try to mirror that style in terms of your clothing, makeup, etc. This may seem strange but it’s true. We also suggest wearing the same outfit again (or at least something very similar) if you get a callback so that you appear consistent. If they liked it the first time, they will like it again.

4. Keep it Simple

Models should especially make themselves a blank canvas. We encourage simple clothing that shows their best features such as fitted black pants or skirt and a white or black top that shows their physique. Teen females should always wear heels. Avoid baggy clothing. Be sure to keep your hair away from your face to show your features.

5. Be Yourself

Confidence. Confidence. Confidence. Go in the room with certainty and don’t get in your head too much. Auditioning can be such a nerve-wracking experience but try not to be intimidated. Be sure of yourself and go in showing that off. Casting directors want someone who doesn’t have any doubts. Know yourself and know your worth. You can do this!

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Put These Audition Tips to Use Today

Even though casting directors might not have the final say in who gets a part in a play, movie, or tv show, they are vital to the casting process and need to be impressed.

You shouldn’t be scared of them because most of them are on your side. They want you to succeed because if you are perfect in the role, it reflects well on them and their decision. Casting directors want you to be the best you can be, which is why they are willing to offer audition tips like these.

So, start practicing. Stay focused. And get ready to be discovered!