Casting Call for Juvenile Delinquents 2

Young actors searching for an exciting gig may initially aim for roles in major blockbusters or films directed by established auteurs. But another fun direction to go is auditioning for roles in indie flicks made by up-and-coming visionaries. Right now, it’s your chance to attend a casting call for the sequel to the 2020 film Juvenile Delinquents and other projects based on the film. Here’s everything you need to know about current and upcoming casting calls for Juvenile Delinquents films and TV shows. 

What Is Juvenile Delinquents About?

Based in New York City, this indie film follows the lives of five boys who recently graduated from juvenile prison. As they attempt to find their way after prison, they stumble upon two drunk girls in the park who happen to change the course of their lives for good. 

The young teens end up rescuing one of the teen girls from a sex offender. While the teen girl is successfully rescued, the intervention leaves the perpetrator dead. Not wanting to alert law enforcement, the group scrambles to find a solution, ultimately deciding to try to burn the house down in an attempt to destroy the evidence. 

However, the group is caught by the man’s wife just as they are about to set the house ablaze. Uncertain how to continue, the group takes her as a hostage as they plan their next steps. 

Upcoming Juvenile Delinquents Projects

After getting a positive reception from critics and audiences for the initial film, Big Bull Productions is looking to capitalize on future Juvenile Delinquents projects in the near future. A sequel film is currently in the works, following the growing group of vigilante teens on their next adventure. Additionally, a seasonal TV adaptation is also gaining steam, creating even more opportunities for aspiring actors to explore. 

Right now, Juvenile Delinquents 2 is casting for roles across the board, including established characters and newcomers to the storyline. The casting team is attempting to cast roles ahead of time to avoid delays in scheduling, so be sure to apply soon. Casting directors are also asking that actors apply for specific roles rather than jumping into a pool of potential parts to be cast for. 

Casting is also underway for the Juvenile Delinquents series, which will be shooting a pilot episode in hopes of getting an entire series greenlit. Unlike the sequel, the series will essentially be an offshoot of the premise set in a different city, following the lives of different teenagers rising up against the established order. 

How to Get Cast in Future Juvenile Delinquents Shows and Films

The lead roles for both the sequel film and series are primarily teens and young adults, but there are also plenty of opportunities for other speaking and background roles. If you have a talent agent, they can help you land an audition and match you with a role that fits. 

You can also find a quality agent by attending an online or in-person talent expo hosted by Discovery Spotlight. Contact us today to learn more! 

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