Casting Call for Models in Atlanta, GA

Step aside, New York and Los Angeles – Atlanta is stealing the show when it comes to new film productions and casting calls for models. Right now, there are exciting opportunities you can pursue in The Peach State, creating a strong market for aspiring actors and models based in The South. Here are some of the best casting calls in Atlanta to explore.

Atlanta Modeling Casting Calls

Currently, NLC is seeking actors and models for a campaign being shot in Atlanta, Georgia. People of all kinds are being sought for the shoot, so no matter what type of model you are, you have a great shot at being cast if you apply.

In particular, the producers are looking for an African American couple in their 50s, East Asian grandparents around the ages of 60 or 70, a Middle Eastern female around the age of 30, and a transgender Caucasian in their 50s.

All models will be paid $150 per day after a four-hour day of filming. So if you’re an up-and-coming actor or model looking for a quality pay rate, this is a great opportunity to check out. Filming is slated to take place at the end of August, so be sure to apply soon for your chance to audition.

Other Acting Opportunities in Atlanta

If the NLC campaign doesn’t spark your interest or if you don’t fit the casting call requirements, then you still have plenty of opportunities to explore in and around Atlanta.

If you want to star alongside the likes of Jimmy Wolk, Natalie Martinez, and company, then you should apply to be on the cast of NBC’s Ordinary Joe. The drama series follows the three potential lives of the main character depending on if he had made life decisions based on love, loyalty, or passion. Production is currently underway in Atlanta and the series is actively casting for photo doubles, background actors, stand-ins, and others.

You can also have your chance to star alongside Rebel Wilson in the new Paramount high school comedy Senior Year. This upcoming film revolves around a high school cheerleader who wakes up after a 20-year coma and is determined to regain her status and claim the prom queen crown she missed out on due to her injury. Filming is taking place in the Atlanta area this summer and casting for background roles, models, and more.

Other notable projects taking place in Atlanta include a new Netflix series called First Kill, a photoshoot for a major cosmetics brand, and much more.

Becoming an Actor or Model in Atlanta

While Hollywood and New York tend to get all of the attention, Atlanta is actually the number one location for new film and television productions, and the city is also a major hub for fashion and modeling. If you’re an aspiring actor or model, Atlanta is a great place to be. Start looking for small gigs to build up your resume and look for a quality agent who can connect you with the right roles. By attending a talent showcase hosted by Discovery Spotlight, you can accelerate your search for an agent and make big moves in your acting or modeling career.

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