Casting Calls for Child Actors

If you have an aspiring child actor looking for opportunities to put their talents to work, there are some exciting openings on the horizon. By getting your child involved in acting, you’ll help them build their skills from an early age and set a foundation for acting success in the future. Of course, knowing how to get your children acting roles that will help them go places isn’t always so straightforward. By looking for the right roles and taking the proper steps to get your child into quality auditions, you can set your child up for a rewarding acting career.

Types of Child Acting Roles

Kids are always needed for a variety of roles in film and TV. Whether it’s for a lead role in a coming-of-age film or something as simple as a background role in TV, casting directors are constantly looking for kids with talent to join their cast. It’s also not hard to find a kids’ casting call for commercials, which is always a great way to gain experience in a more relaxed setting.

Here is a sample of some exciting roles your child could audition for.

Forgotten Earth: AW The Movie

This fantasy film follows a group of ancient warriors who face the biggest challenge of their lives: Mother Nature. This challenge prompts the Ancient Warriors to reunite for the fight of their lives.

Among the lead roles being cast for this film is the five-year-old Princess of Mount Olympus. This casting call is looking for a female aged four to six of African or mixed-race descent. Filming will take place in New Jersey, New York City, and Philadelphia in July, 2022.

Caseworx Education

If you’d like your child to be involved in an educational video about social work in Southern California, then this opportunity should be on your radar. This kid casting call is asking for a Hispanic female between the ages of nine and 13 to portray a young girl with a passion for basketball, sneakers, and entrepreneurship. The casting team is also looking for a young male of African descent between the ages of five and 12. Filming will take place in Los Angeles and Long Beach, CA with the dates still to be determined.

“Julie Baby”

A short film about a girl named Julie, this coming-of-age story confronts the power of words, social norms, and the importance of being able to choose your own identity. Roles that still need to be filled include a crying girl (day player) aged six to seven and several background actors of all genders to portray second graders. Filming is scheduled to take place one day between November 3 and November 14 in Austin, TX.

The High School Football Nerd

This coming-of-age comedy film follows a skinny, unathletic nerd who ends up becoming a football hero for his high school with the help of his jock foster brother. Casting is currently looking for males and females ages 14 to 18 for a wide variety of roles, including lead, supporting, and background roles.

While there are great casting calls for child actors like these out there, it’s not uncommon to encounter scams. Some tell-tale signs of illegitimate auditions include asking for a fee to audition or guaranteeing success and fame. Be especially wary of auditions that say you can’t be present with your child.

To ensure your child gets the best quality auditions, attend a talent showcase through Discovery Spotlight, where your child can get connected with an acting agent who will steer them, and you, in the right direction.

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