How Can I Become a Professional Singer?

If you love singing, chances are you’ve considered a professional music career at some point. Apart from earning from your talent, you work for a legacy, travel, and become a superstar when you sing professionally. But making it in the music business isn’t easy. However, you can still get paid to sing despite the industry’s challenges. Here’s how to become a professional singer.

Pick a Niche and Improve Your Singing Technique

Focus on loyal fans who will support your music financially and promote your brand. By understanding your listeners’ needs, you can connect with them through your message and presentation. 

Unlike marketing to mainstream audiences, niching down is cheaper since you know whom to target. There are several ways to identify your niche. For starters, identify yourself through genres and subgenres. You can also narrow down to your music influences like your cultural background and life experiences.

Don’t forget to work on your craft. On top of your talent, you can perfect your voice by trying superior singing techniques, stretching your vocal range and repertoire, and attending lessons or training sessions.

Think Outside the Box

Not every singer makes money performing in front of audiences or recording entire albums. For example, while live performances are being canceled due to the pandemic and fewer artists are able to make a living off streaming royalties, a new outlet for singers and other musicians has been taking hold. 

Instrumental and vocal performers are now selling their songs both individually and in collections as non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. Collectors who are also generally active in the cryptocurrency space are proving to be willing to invest thousands of dollars in songs and artists in this new space.


You have to be proactive if you want to get paid to sing. Networking introduces you to people who can improve your music quality and share opportunities. The easiest way to network is through social media. You can contribute to online conversations and reach out to other musicians through their blog, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram handles.

However, don’t limit yourself to online interactions. You can attend concerts, festivals, or exchange contacts with fellow musicians during local jam nights. 

Ask for Reviews

Although you should criticize your own work, seeking a second opinion shows you how fans receive your music and can give you direction on what to offer next. The first step of getting reviews is knowing how to ask. 

In addition to asking politely, make it easy to find your music by providing links to your tracks, website, and social media pages. You should also know whom to approach. You can start with friends and relatives for general reviews. Afterward, involve professionals like producers and other singers. Seek feedback on the following aspects:

  • Vocals
  • Song choice
  • Mixing and mastering

However, don’t limit yourself to a live audience. You can also post your music on your social media for your fans’ comments. You don’t have to upload the entire track, just post snippets to gather your fans’ thoughts and create attention around your new song or album.

Remember, not everyone will like your music. But while you should ignore those who are simply jealous about your success, use the constructive criticism you receive to advance your singing career.

We Can Help You Become a Star

Launching a professional singing career isn’t a solitary journey. At Discovery Spotlight, we prepare singers for the industry by organizing online and virtual training sessions with professionals. We also link our singers to agents and producers through our talent showcases. Contact us today to jumpstart your singing career.

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