How to Become a Successful Commercial Actor

Being a commercial actor, and a successful one at that, may not sound like the most glamorous job. But if you’d like to practice your acting chops while earning some quick money, this is the way to go.

You don’t necessarily need to be drop-dead gorgeous to star in adverts. Casting directors are always on the lookout for fresh talent irrespective of age, size, and nationality to help brands promote their products.

Landing your first acting role may mean months of auditioning, but the trouble is well worth it when you imagine yourself advertising Doritos during the Super Bowl. Here are must-know tips on how to become a successful commercial actor.

Get to Know the Brand

Brands usually have a specific persona and tone that they want their ads to reflect. Do your research on the company and know its marketing strategies and campaigns. That way, you can nail down the right tone for your audition.

Land an Agent or Manager

To get more auditions, getting yourself noticed is key. A great way of doing this is by landing a talent agency to represent you so they can submit your name for commercial opportunities that may be a perfect fit for you. Networking is also vital, attending industry events and meeting people in the business.

Prepare, Prepare, and Prepare Some More

Reading the copy a few times is not enough. You need to know it inside out to focus on bringing your character to life. The casting director will be looking for believable and authentic performances, so make sure you know your lines forwards and backward.

Build A Great Resume

Your resume is your first chance to make a good impression on casting directors. List all your acting experiences, trainings, and any other skills that may be relevant to the role you’re auditioning for. Make sure it’s well-written, easy to read, and error-free.

Take Acting Classes

Learning the basics of acting like emoting for the camera with little or no dialogue is necessary for commercial actors. This will give you an edge over other up-and-coming commercial actors out there.

Have a Great Personality

It may sound obvious, but this is key to landing commercial acting roles. Casting directors often look for actors with great personalities who can project a likable and trustworthy image to consumers. Be personable, upbeat, and positive in your interviews – this will help you stand out from the rest of the pack.

Take a Great Headshot

As superficial as it may seem, a good headshot is the first thing casting directors see when going through hundreds of submissions. It’s your calling card. Make sure your headshots are of high quality and capture how you look in real life. Also ensure that they reflect the types of commercials you want to be cast for.

Stay Positive

Like with anything in life, becoming a successful commercial actor takes time and effort. Sure, it can be challenging at times. But if you keep a positive attitude and focus on the end goal – becoming a successful commercial actor – you’ll be one step closer to achieving your dreams.

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