How to Become an Actor on TV or in the Movies

You’ve got big dreams and promising talent. But what’s still missing is a clear direction for how to move your career forward. Many aspiring actors without previous acting experience find themselves dealing with the same dilemma job-seekers run into: How do I gain experience without any experience?

All famous actors started somewhere small and eventually found themselves on major projects. Here’s how to become an actor on TV or in the movies.

Get Educated

If you’re serious about pursuing a prolific career in acting, it’s time to crack open some books or start typing in some Google searches. There are more free resources than ever that you can use to learn about the ins and outs of the entertainment industry, how to improve your acting skills, and how to work your way up as an actor. You may find it worthwhile to invest in online courses from platforms like Masterclass or Skillshare. Of course, there are always acting classes you can take as well to gain more confidence in your skills in front of a camera.

Odds are, you’re already a bit of a movie buff if you’re interested in acting. But take the time to rewatch your favorite movies and TV shows with great performances to really study what makes a talented actor.

Gain Experience

Obviously your goal is to gain experience somehow, but it often doesn’t look as glamorous as you hope it will. As an aspiring actor, you most likely will have to start out small. Search for local auditions for commercials, theater productions, and background positions. As you build a resume and prove you can look great on camera, you’ll give yourself more of an edge in each gig you pursue.

Social media is also a better platform than ever to get creative and show off your talents. Whether it’s creating a comedy sketch on TikTok or modeling on Instagram, it’s easy to find ways to show off your talents without booking an actual acting gig. Plus, doing this can be an effective way to market yourself and get noticed by talent agents.

Don’t Feel the Need to Relocate

If you think moving to Los Angeles or New York is how to become an actor, you can go ahead and put your suitcase away. Rather than moving to a city that’s prone to spitting people out, you should consider the film opportunities that could be in your backyard. For example, Georgia is actually the number one state for new film and TV productions. Cities like Albuquerque, New Mexico and Vancouver, B.C. are other less-than-obvious hotspots for actors to consider as well.

Find an Agent

After bolstering your resume, it’s time to really kick off your acting career by finding a good agent. Be sure to get some professional headshots taken and reach out to reputable acting agencies. You can also get yourself noticed by attending a talent expo hosted by Discovery Spotlight. We’ll get you in front of talent agents who know how to find the right jobs for aspiring actors, and we provide online training, emailed training guides, and training videos, and industry workshops. Contact us today to learn more!

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