How to Get Started in Fitness Modeling

If glossy, high-fashion art seems a bit too delicate for your taste but you still want to pursue modeling, a great avenue for you to explore is fitness modeling. Make no mistake, fitness modeling is still very much an art form, and you’ll need to be ready to show up with a creative mindset on the job. If you want to dive into the world of fitness modeling, here are some steps to success.

Tone Your Body

Odds are you’re either an active athlete or an ex-professional athlete if you’re considering making fitness modeling your passion. But it’s also highly possible you simply make it a habit to keep your body in shape and believe you have what it takes to exemplify fitness.

In either case, it’s important to understand that type of modeling is all about showing off visible athleticism. So even if you’re an accomplished athlete, there still may be some toning up to do if you’re going to be ready for the camera.

Getting yourself up to speed often entails staying consistent with your workout routine, maintaining a low-fat, low-sugar diet, and getting plenty of rest to keep yourself energized.

Figure out Your Niche

While fitness modeling already seems like a niche of its own, there are all sorts of body types creative directors and agencies will look for based on the type of sportswear that’s being promoted or which activity is being highlighted. The type of training you’re currently used to is a good place to start. If you train in a boxing ring, you should make MMA and combat sports your specialty. If you’re an avid runner, keep up your toned look and search for jobs related to running.

Build a Portfolio Geared Toward Fitness Modeling

Relative to other forms of modeling, fitness modeling lends itself well to DIY and amateur shoots. It’s all about the action, so if you have an at-home gym set up with good lighting and quality photo equipment (or even a phone with a good camera) you can get yourself off to a solid start.

Many fitness models gain strong followings on Instagram, which functions much like an online portfolio in today’s world. It’s also a good idea to create your own online portfolio with your highest quality photos and videos.

Enter Competitions and Search for Auditions

When it comes to fitness modeling, bodybuilding offers a unique opportunity to put yourself out there with pageants and competitions. If you dedicate yourself to the lifestyle, you can find some success in winning competitions. While competitions are a fun way to display your hard work, you’ll have to bank on placing high to win any prize money. Ideally, you’ll use this exposure to earn attention from modeling agencies. You can also reach out to talent agencies to get auditions.

Regardless of the type of modeling you are interested in, getting seen by industry insiders is key. That’s why you should reach out to Discovery Spotlight and schedule an audition. We’ll get you in front of the right people so you can show off your talents and find work that propels your career forward.

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