Learn how to make the most of a virtual audition from Discovery Spotlight

How to Prepare For a Virtual Audition

As today’s world becomes increasingly digitalized, so does the entertainment industry. More and more castings and auditions are taking place via video submission and live virtual auditions. Will you be prepared when its your turn?

What to Wear for a Virtual Audition

Solid clothes in black or jewel-toned colors are recommended. Bright colors and patterns can be distracting. Go for natural hair and makeup, unless otherwise specified. The casting director wants to see how you actually look. Be prepared for the director to want to see your whole look. It would be embarrassing to only be prepared from the waist up!

Always wear a smile. Remember that you are marketing your whole self, not just your ability. A casting director wants to know you are great to work with off camera as well.

Location, Location, Location

Always record inside. A virtual audition outside presents too many potential issues such as excess noise, loss of connection, and the elements. You don’t want the weather to rain on your parade. Make sure the spot you choose to record provides enough space to move around and allows a casting director to see your whole body if needed.

Choose a solid background to stand in front of. A casting director does not want to see your Metallica poster while you perform Shakespeare. Stand in good lighting. Direct overhead lighting sometimes casts shadows, making it difficult to see your face. Natural light is preferred.

Testing 1-2-3

Before you connect to your audition, give yourself a little network test. You absolutely do not want to drop your connection in the middle of a monologue, song, etc. Practice your performance a few times. It will help to get some of the jitters out. Whatever type of performer you may be, keep your audition under one minute.

Position your camera somewhere secure and at eye level. Figure out what works best for you. If you feel more comfortable having someone hold the camera for you, then try that out.


Let’s recap: look natural, choose your location wisely, and stay connected. One advantage that a virtual audition provides is the one-on-one time with the casting director, so use it wisely by showcasing your talent and your personality. Follow these guidelines and you will appear impressive and prepared. Break a leg!

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