Casting Calls

become an actor

Become an Actor on ABC

One of the keys to becoming an actor is always being on the lookout for new roles and auditions to…

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child actors

Casting Calls for Child Actors

If you have an aspiring child actor looking for opportunities to put their talents to work, there are some exciting…

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Learn more about casting calls in Atlanta, GA for Fall 2021.

Casting Calls in Atlanta, GA for Fall 2021

Actors looking for work in the South have plenty of fun opportunities to look forward to, especially if you’re pursuing…

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Learn more about this movie casting call for an upcoming film Black Files starring Sean Penn.

Casting Call for New Movie Starring Sean Penn

Aspiring actors in New York City have something new to get excited about. Right now, production of a new film…

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Learn more about casting calls for voice actors.

Casting Calls for Voice Actors

The quintessential dream of aspiring actors has long been to see their faces on the big screen in front of…

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Casting calls for Amazon Prime TV and Movies.

Casting Calls for Amazon Prime TV and Movies

As an actor looking for a way to gain some traction in your career, it only makes sense to look…

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Learn more about a casting call south carolina for the hit Netflix series, Outer Banks.

Outer Banks Filming in North Carolina and South Carolina

Actors looking for TV shows in North Carolina to audition for are in luck. Right now, the Netflix series Outer…

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Learn more about the different casting calls for models in Atlanta, GA. Learn more from Discovery Spotlight Model and Talent Expo.

Casting Call for Models in Atlanta, GA

Step aside, New York and Los Angeles – Atlanta is stealing the show when it comes to new film productions…

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Lebron James

Casting Call for Movie About LeBron James

LeBron James seems to be enjoying his time on the big screen. With the new Space Jam movie enjoying box…

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The Righteous Gemstones are holding a casting call in South Carolina for actors interested in acting on TV

Casting Call in South Carolina for HBO Series

If you’re an actor living in the South, and you don’t mind poking fun at your own region of the…

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Learn more from Discovery Spotlight about toddler casting.

Casting for Toddlers

Film and television productions often need to find all kinds of people to cast when the story calls for it,…

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Here is how you can get involved in Netflix casting.

How to Be Part of Netflix Casting

Netflix has solidly become synonymous with entertainment. The streaming giant transformed how people consume television and film, and the executives…

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