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We ask that you only submit photos and videos that are less than six months old. We are considering your marketability as a whole and encourage you to show your personality. If there is an interest based on your submission, someone from our team will follow up with you within a week. Thank you for your interest!

Video Tips

Make sure that your video is "unlisted" or live on the site. If you send us a video that is "private", we will be unable to view it. Your video must include the your name, city and state, age, and general measurements (height and estimated weight). You are welcome to audition for multiple categories. At the end of your video, tell us why you (or your child) are a top model, actor, singer or dancer. The more personality, the better.

Your video should be no longer than 3 minutes in length. You can record this video on a phone. Make sure that the area where you are filming is well lit.


Walk in the video submission. This applies to all types of modeling and age divisions. Please start away from the camera, walk towards to the camera, profile side to side, turn, and walk away from the camera.  You must provide a close up, front, side, back, and full length shot in your video. Please show us your natural smile. Female models, ages 13 and older should wear heels. Anyone interested in swimwear or fitness modeling must wear a swimsuit in your video for the modeling portion. Parents of young children, you will need to introduce your child and show the various angles.  


Perform acappella for up to 60 seconds. We only consider individuals; we will not accept any group or band auditions. Instrumental artists will also be considered.


Solo performers only. Any type of dance (including acro) is accepted. Dance routines should be 2 minutes or less. Broadway type routines will also be considered and can combine singing and dancing.


Select one of the sample commercials below or a short monologue of your choice (under 60 seconds) and perform it during your audition video. It should be memorized. If you prefer to perform a different commercial of your choice, that is also fine.  

Attire (No hats or sunglasses)

  • Infants: Simple but colorful clothing that best shows the child's personality, skin, hair, and eye coloring.
  • Child Models/Talent: Example: Denim or black bottoms with a red, black or blue shirt
  • Teen-Adult Female Models/Talent: Fitted denim or black pants or skirt with a red, black, or blue top/dress and heels.  Natural makeup and have hair clean,dry & pulled out of the face (simple accessories only). Please remove facial piercings.
  • Teen-Adult Male Models/Talent: Fitted denim or black pants and a red, black, or blue shirt and closed toe shoes

Acting Scripts: Choose One

Kid's Script

Crest "Bubblegum Toothpaste"
If there is one thing I hate, it’s the taste of toothpaste.  Yuck!  It is like putting chalk in your mouth.  When my dentist heard about my problem, he gave me new bubblegum flavored Crest.  It still cleans my teeth but now it is Bubblegum flavored.  Thank you Crest!

Older Kids and Teens Script

American Airlines "Me on TV"
Hey dad, you are probably wondering how I got on TV.  It doesn’t matter.  I’ll tell you about it later.  The important thing is I’m in Hawaii.  Doesn’t it look beautiful?  See there is a beach and the ocean and (a pretty girl/guy walks by) well there are tons of beautiful sights here.  So Dad, I know you need a vacation as much as I do.  So hop on American Airlines and have them fly you to Hawaii.  You won’t regret it.

Teens and Adult Script

Sun Chips "Solar Power"
My chips are made with solar power. No wonder I feel warm inside. In California, SunChips snacks are made with the help of the sun. As if you needed another reason to love them. Live brightly, start with SunChips.

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