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Audition from Home

We are currently scouting for the Nation's most exclusive Model and Talent Roster.

Discovery Spotlight has a proven track record of networking models and talent with the most influential agents, recruiters and casting directors in the entertainment industry.

The Expo is much more than just a model and talent showcase though. Beyond the training workshops and networking with show business professionals, the Expo is structured to teach assertiveness and independence, build confidence and self worth, and stress the importance of preparedness and hard work. We truly believe that discovery starts within.

Let's Get You Registered!

  1. Fill out the application at right to receive an invitation to schedule your Discovery Spotlight audition. A parent is required to be present for talent under 18. No experience necessary.
  2. Check your email immediately to select your preferred audition.
  3. After scheduling online, you will receive an email confirmation with details. Bring at least one printed photo to turn in to scouts, candid is fine.

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1 hour 30 minutes
Audition from home. Small group auditions for talent who are unable to attend other scheduled auditions based on location or time. Details will be sent via email. Open to ages 5 and older.
Auditions are free, you do not need a coupon code.



Anna Banks Turberville

Daniel Long Jr.

Koby Hall

Allison Millar