Areas of Competition

Fashion Runway

Modeling | Fashion Runway

Show off your individual sense of style and attitude in this competition. With one walk down the runway, the scouts see your form, fashion, and personality on stage. The spotlight will be on you as you journey down the catwalk.


Modeling | Swimsuit Runway

In this showcase, you’re able to show off your body’s best attributes and make the runway like your own pool party. Both modest one and two-piece suites are acceptable. As a fitness model, all eyes will be on you.


Modeling | Jeans Runway

In this fashion competition, you’re able to model blue denim. Whether it’s jean pants, shorts, or skirts, you’ll be wearing the best casual denim fashions when you walk down the runway.


Performance | Dance

Dancers will be given 2 minutes to perform a routine of their choice. They’ll also be able to choose an appropriate song to accompany their performance. In this event you’ll be able to showcase your personality and dancing talents to wow the audience.

SING DANCE 217 (2)

Performance | Vocal

Singers should choose a 90 second, age appropriate song to perform during this event. You may play an approved instrument as accompaniment or provide a backing track for music. Show the scouts your vocal abilities, personality, and stage presence.

TV MONO 517(2)

Acting | Commercial

Do you see commercials on TV and think “How can I do that?” Well here's your chance. You’ll be slated for a 30-45 second commercial that you select to perform. Demonstrate your commercial ability and relatability in this fun showcase.

TV MONO 714(2)

Acting | Dramatic Monologue

Choose your best dramatic monologue to perform on stage at the Expo. Your monologue should be no longer than 60 seconds and showcase your strong dramatic talents to keep the audience entertained.

TV MONO 376(2)

Acting | Comedic Monologue

Keep the audience entertained and laughing with a comedic monologue of your choosing in this category. Just as the dramatic monologue, the comedic monologue should be no longer than 60 seconds and demonstrate your comedy skills.

Photography Review

This is an opportunity for contestants to submit a photograph, headshot, and or resumes for agent and scout review. This will provide scouts with a better sense of contestants' overall marketability and contact information.