How to Join the Vikings Cast on Netflix

Many TV viewers were disappointed upon hearing the news that the History Channel’s breakout hit Vikings would be concluding after its sixth season. However, Netflix quickly saved the day by picking up a spinoff show called Vikings: Valhalla. And while your dreams of being on the original Vikings cast may have never been realized, you now have the chance to be a part of a brand new expansion to the franchise.

Vikings Series History

The world was first introduced to Vikings when it premiered on the History Channel of Canada on March 3, 2013. The series made quite a splash right away as it was a major departure from previous shows on the network. While the History Channel had already earned a reputation for not always sticking to, well, history, Vikings was unique in that it was created to be a purely entertaining dramatization of Viking lore.

The show focused on specific characters and a fictionalized narrative loosely based on historical fact. The show proved to strike a chord with audiences, earning critical acclaim and being quickly renewed for a second season. The first three seasons each had 10 episodes, and subsequent seasons ran for 20 episodes and were split into two parts.

The sixth and final season premiered on December 4, 2020 on Amazon Prime before being aired on the History Channel from January 1, 2021 to March 3, 2021.

Vikings: Valhalla

Luckily for fans of the franchise, the new spinoff of the series is already in development. Vikings: Valhalla makes a time jump of a century after the end of the events in the original series, focusing on the end of the Viking Age. This time around, the series centers on familiar names of Viking lore, such as Leif Erikson, and includes the history of the aftermath of King Edward’s death, which would change England forever.

Like the previous series, Vikings: Valhalla is being shot in Ireland and will retain its tradition of primarily shooting outdoors on location.

Netflix has ordered 24 episodes of the new spinoff series, indicating it has faith in the franchise’s continued success. While COVID-19 complicated earlier attempts at production, there are little signs of trouble now that the pandemic is winding down.

If you’re interested in being part of the Vikings cast, just follow the showrunners’ casting call:

Specific Casting Notice

We are casting for and aiming to create an extremely specific look for a group of special extras.

You would need to be body confident.

The group will be made up to appear ‘emaciated & haggard.’

If you think you fit any of the criteria below & are interested in getting involved, please email us on ‘’ and put the words AUTUMN 2020 CASTING in the subject bar of the email.

The body appearance that we are casting for is…

Wiry, slender, bone thin & angular.

Hollow cheeks & thin faces.

Willowy, waspish, gaunt & raw-boned.

In the email, please include the following…



Country of residence (you do need to reside in Ireland & have a PPS number)

Phone number

Recent photo

Fit Actors Casting Call

We would live to see Southern European females in their 40’s with acting ability apply.

Also, males Fit & sporty aged 18-50yrs old.

Please email us on ‘’ ASAP.

Must be based in Ireland!

Featured Extras Casting Call

Valhalla Extras Want You!

Long haired & bearded male vikings.

Females with long & natural coloured hair.

Male & female sporty types.


Anyone with battle reenactment or bootcamp skills, military backgrounds.


People from all backgrounds eg African, Asian, Seth American, Mediterranean, North African, Chinese, Caucasian.

Character faces.

Skilled trades people such as carpenters, farmers.




Wild funky haircuts, shaved heads, willing to grow your facial hair out?

Acting ability or first timers.

These are only a few examples.

Please email us for further information on the application process on ‘’.

Please share & help us spread the word!

Open Casting Call

‘Vikings: Valhalla’ TV Series will be up and running very soon.

We are now casting for Extras. Due to the current climate, we will not be running anymore Extras Open Casting days so, for further information and application forms, please email ‘’.

The production will be based in Ireland. We are inclusive of people from all backgrounds.

If you came to an open casting back in March 2020 in Ashford studios or if you already have sent in your details, no need to do so again. Please share and get in contact ASAP and we will be glad to help!

Apply to Become an Actor