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How to Become a Professional Dancer

Going from dancing for fun to being a professional dancer requires hard work and dedication, among other things.

Discover what performers should be doing during the pandemic so they are ready when auditions and filming start again.

What does a professional dancer do?

Dancers can find work in a variety of different places, including on a live stage or in movies, TV shows, commercials, or film.

When they aren’t performing, dancers practice, rehearse for auditions, and eat right to stay healthy.

One aspect of becoming a professional dancer that many people don’t think about is marketing themselves. It doesn’t matter how talented or highly trained a person is if no one knows about them.

Finding and attending dance auditions

While you can look online for dance auditions and attend them yourself, your chances of finding and being selected for quality positions are much higher if you work with an experienced agent. Agencies will most likely want to see a resume of your prior experience, if any, and videos of you dancing before they take you on as a client.

How Discovery Spotlight can help

Discovery Spotlight clients receive help in both the performance and marketing aspects of becoming a dancer.

Every Discovery Spotlight Expo includes workshops run by professionals, like Jeremy Sickles from the Daniel Hoff Agency or Matthew Prescott from the Joffrey Ballet and The Institute for American Musical Theatre NYC.

The showcase portion of our expos gives you a chance to perform in front of vetted talent agents and hear directly from them, so you know what they are looking for. The agents will also contact the performers if they are interested in representing them.

Several dancers who have participated in previous years have walked away with agency representation or full scholarships to summer dance programs in New York.

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Journey Lockhart is a dancer and actor who signed with Evolution Atlanta/Charlotte and PCG Talent Agency Cincinnati. As a dancer, she trains at JBP Entertainment in Charlotte, NC, and has trained with NYCDA and Break the Floor Productions. She has worked on campaigns for NASCAR,, and Schleich Toys, and has appeared in music videos with JoJo Johnson and MattyB. She can be seen in two upcoming films, Morbid and Womb.