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How to Become a Professional Actor

If you love singing and want to take it to the next level, let us help you launch your professional singing career.


Professional singing opportunities

Not every professional singer is performing in large venues in front of thousands of people every night. In fact, the majority of people who sing for a living are doing it for smaller audiences or behind the scenes.

Professional singers can be found performing in person on cruise ships, in choirs, and at weddings or holiday parties. They are also being recorded in studios for commercials, jingles, soundtracks, and backup vocals.

How Discovery Spotlight can help

Discovery Spotlight offers the training and exposure you need to become a successful singer. Our in-person and virtual talent expos provide sessions with professional singers who will help you prepare for auditions and ultimately a paid career in singing.

You will also be invited to perform live in front of talent agents who are well-known in the industry. Many of our participants have been discovered at our talent showcases and gone on to have fulfilling careers in the performing arts.

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