Is Your Son Interested in Boys Modeling?

If your son feels at home in the spotlight and loves being creative, then it’s time to look into getting him into boys’ modeling. Not only are there lots of exciting opportunities to explore by having your son get into the fashion and acting industry early, but you’ll also likely find it’s a great way for him to have fun.

What Kinds of Boys’ Modeling Jobs Are There?

Finding young talent isn’t always easy, yet there are quite a lot of opportunities out there for boys to get in front of the camera for professional shoots. One of the biggest demands is apparel brands that want to have children modeling their clothes who look confident and like they’re having fun. There’s also a growing demand for boys who represent the diverse communities across the nation and across the globe.

But the opportunities for child models extend far beyond apparel companies. There are lots of opportunities for your son to get into modeling for shoots that are specific to kids. For example, people shooting commercials often need to cast a whole family, which obviously includes children. The same goes for billboards, stock photos, and posters. And of course, there are also casting calls for toy commercials and other ads geared toward kids, which will require young models. There will always be a demand for content depicting families with children, which creates opportunities for boys to get involved in modeling.

Why Get Your Son into Modeling?

Beyond the career opportunities modeling offers, it’s also simply a great way for your son to express himself in a creative field. He can gain experience on set and in front of a camera, and it can open doors to other creative outlets, such as music performance or acting. Plus, your son might even make lifelong friends with other child models they meet on the job.

Overall, getting involved in modeling early on is a great way for your son to stay productive and create a solid base for future jobs.

How to Get Your Son Involved in Child Modeling

To get started, you’ll want to get some quality headshots of your son and build up a bit of a portfolio. You can do this by hiring a professional or going the DIY route if you have some photography skills.

Once you have some good photos, start looking for casting calls for child models. Be sure to research the company doing the casting to check their legitimacy. When signing with an agent, you shouldn’t have to pay any exorbitant fees, which can be a sign they are scamming you.

You can also make things simple by attending an event with Discovery Spotlight. We host expos for different types of talent and invite industry insiders and agents who want to find new talent. Contact us today to learn how to get started!

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