Take the Lead in Your Acting Career by Planning Ahead

Let’s face it, life is hectic and busy for all of us.  Just when you think you are coasting, life throws you a curveball. It’s like the expression, the only constant or guarantee in life is change. Maybe you have a career completely outside of the entertainment industry but really have a desire to start an acting career. That can seem like a hefty endeavor, and if you didn’t have any second thoughts to begin with, you can be sure your family and friends will.

People are often afraid of change or consider you a dreamer if you are reaching for something completely different than what you currently do. But this is not their dream, it’s yours. And trust me, if you end up with a seat at the Oscars, no one is going to think twice about accepting an invitation to join you.

Put Your Acting Career Plans in Writing

But how do you get there? It can seem overwhelming to get started as an actor.  Just like anything else, you need a plan. And taking small steps is your path to taking the lead, or getting the lead as they say in showbiz.

Start making a short list of things you want to do to start pursuing acting. Ideas can include taking an acting class, memorizing a one-minute monologue, signing up for that casting profile you have been considering, or making yourself more marketable by having a professional headshot taken.

If you have had any experience to date, start putting it down on paper and creating a talent resume. There are plenty of resume samples you can look at to get ideas. Once you start writing down what you’ve done in the past, you may discover you have more experience than you thought.

Free Steps You Can Take Toward Your Future Acting Career

Just because you have decided to start following your dream doesn’t mean you have to invest a lot. There are many resources that can help. Local libraries have both online and print materials about breaking into the industry, becoming a better actor, and creating a professional profile. Partial scripts and monologues can also be found for free online to give you material to practice. Websites like Skillshare.com and filmindustrynetwork.com offer links to free online acting classes.

Local theater productions generally don’t pay much, but they are a great way to gain some experience, receive direction, and beef up your resume.  Also, you may make some connections to help you land future roles.

Take Advantage of Today’s Technology

Today’s cell phones take amazingly clear photos and usually have a portrait feature which can help you capture beautiful headshots. Just select an outfit, do your hair and makeup, grab a friend, and start snapping away.

Building your social media network is another way to work towards your goal of being onstage without spending a lot of money. Start connecting with talent scouts and casting directors so they learn who you are and you stay aware of any upcoming auditions or events. Just be sure your social media is ready to be seen by people who could make or break your acting career.

These tips may seem unlikely to help you land your dream role, but every minute you spend on improving yourself and your talent is valuable. Just remember, any small step you take now brings you one step closer to your seat at the Oscars.

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