Unique Singing Jobs: Commercial Singing

When someone’s career aspirations focus on being in the entertainment business, we often think of that as a lofty goal. And when it comes to singing as a profession, our minds tend to gravitate towards being a recording artist, touring the country and serenading sold-out venues. Though solo-artist fame might be the dream pursuit for some people, there are many other professional opportunities that exist within the industry. We don’t always consider the niche gigs an individual can land using their vocal talents, so Discovery Spotlight’s team is here to shine a light on these unique (and sometimes overlooked) openings in the singing space in our next three articles.

Playing The Part: Theme Park Characters and Cruise Ship Crooners

Stepping into the whimsical world of theme parks and cruise ships give us a sense of escape like no other. We fully immerse ourselves into the experience and are able to take a break from “real life” in a hands-on type of way. The work that goes into creating these spaces takes extreme creative brainpower, and we know the job has been well done when we don’t even notice the details because we feel so in tune with the environment. Part of the creating these magical microcosms is hand-picking entertainers who can truly embody a role.

Think of your favorite Disney characters walking around the park alongside you, interacting with everyone as if they came right off the screen. These professionals entertain children and adults alike with their renditions of famous tunes and musical performances from the classic stories we grew up with. This type of position is a great pick for a person who enjoys acting as well as singing; individuals are able to exercise their playful side while showing off their performance chops.

Cruise ship singers have the unique opportunity to entertain guests who are guaranteed to be in good spirits. These vacationers have nothing to do but enjoy the good life and part of that is being wowed by the talent on deck. Singers at sea may be part of a group act or have solo performances, depending on the needs of the ship and the theme of the cruise, if any. This career path is a great way to expose yourself to new audiences from a wide demographic.

Both of these job opportunities come with plenty of perks. Theme parks and cruise ships often employ entertainment with the intention of covering room and board on top of a paycheck. Cruise ship singers report an average salary of about $31,000 a year and entertainers at big names like Disney can earn up to $50,000 a year. While rates of pay may vary, the plus side of landing this type of gig is the opportunity to travel the world or have fun for a living. This type of profession takes an adventurous individual, maybe even one who thinks of themselves as “a kid at heart,” and it could be a great stepping stone in trying out the entertainment world.

Voice For Hire: Session Singers for Jingles and Artistic Purposes

How many times have you gotten a commercial jingle or a show’s theme song stuck in your head? It might not be a classical masterpiece, but sometimes the right singer can make these tunes catchier than your favorite song. Using your voice to help sell a product or to accompany a piece of someone’s art is known as being a session singer. A person in this type of role is essentially a freelancer who is hired by session to complete a project. 

Many session singers are employed for the purpose of recording their voice on a track for a television show, a movie, or even a video game. Projects like this can be extremely rewarding and assist new entertainers in making meaningful connections in the industry. Pay for this type of role varies from project to project, and many singers just starting out opt to take the role for experience and networking purposes only. More experienced session singers can make up to thousands of dollars a day, depending on their demand.

Commercial voice-over work often falls into the “jingle” category, where singers help advertise a product or service by singing a catchy brand tune. We all have one or two commercials that are permanently on loop in the back of our heads, and this is thanks to jingle artists who get the job done right. The average income for a jingle artist is $57,000, but the range is anywhere from $30-80,000. A lot of times, a client will hire the artist to write and perform the ad, which can be a rewarding experience for the singer. Many people who do this type of work report the business can be hard to navigate and it takes a lot of drive to stay busy in the field. Aligning yourself with the right agencies and getting work with big name brands are essential in making a consistent income in this niche. 

Getting Expert Advice

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