Casting Calls for Voice Actors

The quintessential dream of aspiring actors has long been to see their faces on the big screen in front of adoring audiences. With more opportunities for actors than ever, one avenue for new actors to take that’s quickly growing won’t involve your face being on-screen at all. Voice acting may be one of the most underrated types of acting there is, especially given how many casting calls for voice actors are being put out every day.

Benefits of Voice Acting

While it may not provide opportunities for actors to express their full range of acting talents, voice acting can be a great way for aspiring actors to land good-paying jobs. Many actors also appreciate the fact that the performances are less demanding compared to roles that require them to perform in front of a camera or on stage. While there is certainly a huge level of talent and hard work that goes into voice acting, it will simply never be as involved as other types of acting.

There’s also never been a better time to get into voice acting. For one, auditioning for voice acting roles is easier than ever since most productions accept recordings completed at home. Finding quality audio recording equipment has also become quite affordable compared to even just a few years ago. And when voice actors land new roles, they can often record all of their lines from home – with COVID, this is often encouraged or even required.

Then there’s the sheer volume of voice-over roles being cast. With animated shows for all ages exploding in popularity and digital applications and games demanding more voiceovers, there are seemingly countless opportunities for voice actors to find work.

Voice Acting Casting Calls

Right now, voice actors looking for new work have lots of opportunities to explore. Many voice-acting casting calls are remote, but some may require voice actors to record on location.

If being one of the voices people will hear while playing a virtual reality fitness game sounds intriguing, then you could be perfect for Skadi. This game is currently casting for both female and male voice actors. Recording for these roles will be completed remotely with sessions estimated to take just over an hour.

Another fun opportunity is a narrator for a technology show opener, someone who can convey an edgier, more relatable tone while still representing a reputable technology brand well. This role can also be completed remotely.

Between other games, shows, and films, voice actors have plenty of avenues they can explore for advancing their careers.

How to Become a Voice-Over Actor

Becoming a voice actor requires you to send out audition recordings on a regular basis to casting calls. While there are lots of roles for voice actors, there is also stiff competition. Invest in some recording equipment beyond just your phone and fit your room or home recording studio with some textured foam for effective soundproofing.

After you land some roles and build up a resume, you’ll be able to find quality representation with an acting agent, which will help you book more prominent roles in major series and films and earn a great living as a voice actor.

If you’re ready to be discovered and take your acting career to the next level, plan to take part in one of Discovery Spotlight’s virtual or in-person talent expos.

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