Casting Calls for Amazon Prime TV and Movies

As an actor looking for a way to gain some traction in your career, it only makes sense to look for roles that will be seen by a wide audience. And landing a role in a TV show or movie hosted on a major streaming service like Amazon could be a huge difference-maker. Thankfully, the streaming giant shows no sign of slowing down, and you’ll have no problem finding casting calls for Amazon Prime shows and films.

About Amazon Prime Video

As an early player in the streaming services war, Amazon Prime Video has gone by a few different names. Back in 2006, Amazon released a video streaming and download service called Amazon Unbox, which arrived the year after the Amazon Prime subscription service launched. This service was rebranded as Amazon Video On Demand in 2008.

Of course, today we all know the service simply as Prime Video, which boasts over 150 million users globally as of January, 2020.

Unlike other competing streaming services, Prime Video offers a combination of content included in the subscription and content you can rent or purchase for an additional fee. All Amazon original content, such as films and TV series, are included in the Prime subscription.

Releasing hit series like The Boys and Transparent and collaborating with names like the Cohen Brothers and Nicholas Winding Refn, Amazon Prime has continually proven itself as a force in entertainment.

Current Amazon Prime Filming Projects

Actors looking for casting calls for Amazon Prime productions have plenty of opportunities to explore. Right now, the streaming service is generating tons of new content and filming is either already underway or being scheduled for projects all across the country.

One exciting project is a new Amazon Prime original series called Outer Range starring Josh Brolin. Filming is taking place summer of 2021 in Albuquerque, NM and they are casting for background, speaking roles, and photo doubles.

Prime Video is also rebooting A League of Their Own as a series after shooting a successful pilot. Starring Abi Jacobson of Broad City, the series follows a group of women who start a new baseball league on their own terms. Casting calls are currently being sent out for filming in and around Pittsburgh, PA taking place now until the fall of 2021.

This is just a sample of the numerous opportunities currently filming and productions that will soon be underway for new Amazon Prime series and films. So if you’re hoping to find new acting roles, you have plenty to choose from.

How to Get Acting Roles on Amazon Prime

You can get auditions for new roles for films and TV shows currently under production by sending in your headshots and filling out applications online. If you’re hoping for something more significant than a background role, you should seriously consider getting an agent.

You can get discovered by a quality acting agent by attending a Discovery Spotlight talent showcase. We host auditions attended by top talent agents who can find the right roles on TV for you. In fact, one of our previous contestants, Madison Iseman, landed the main role of Lennon on Amazon Prime’s TV series, I Know What You Did Last Summer, which is scheduled to premiere October 15, 2021.

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