How to Find Actor Auditions and Audition to Be in a Movie

Every actor dreams of their “big break,” the moment they finally get discovered and their career changes forever. That moment has happened for many actors over the many decades of film history, and it all starts by getting invited to the right audition. Just landing an audition to be in a movie is a coveted achievement in itself. So, how can you boost your chances of getting your shot to show off your talents and land the big role?

Start Small

You’re not going to get invited to auditions with a blank resume – at least not the kind of auditions that will land you serious roles. You’re going to have to stay humble and start small. Look for any and all opportunities to gain acting experience locally, whether it’s a play, background part, or an ad.

Simply having experience on your acting resume will go a long way in giving you the advantage when up against other actors for roles in the future. Participating in smaller auditions will also help you gain confidence as you book auditions with higher stakes in the future.

Be Willing to Travel

No, you don’t need to book a one-way ticket to Hollywood to find the right auditions, but you can open up lots of doors by being willing to travel to gain experience. If you live within a reasonable distance from where a major production is being shot, you may find it worthwhile to make a little road trip for your chance to audition. Luckily, there are lots of film hubs around North American to look into, including New York City, Atlanta, and Vancouver, B.C.

Get Professional Headshots

One staple of any actor’s resume is a set of good headshots. In fact, you really can’t expect to land any larger auditions without them. While it’s not that difficult to take headshots on your own, it’s recommended you hire a photographer to take quality headshots for you.

Ideally, your headshots should be simple, concentrate on your face, and have soft, yet clear lighting. If you plan on taking headshots on your own, be sure to use a DSLR instead of a phone since you want your headshots to stand out, not just be good enough.

Find an Agent

Once you have accumulated notable experience and have quality headshots, you should start seeking out representation to open the door to more significant speaking roles in films. Using your acting resume and headshots, you can apply to different talent agencies to see if they are willing to represent you. It can also be helpful to turn to your trusted actor friends who have agents. Not only is this a good “in” to have, but having a personal recommendation can help you weed out bad agents and scams.

Talent agents also often attend talent showcases, such as the ones hosted by Discovery Spotlight, to discover up-and-coming actors. By attending a virtual or in-person event, you can get noticed by people who can connect you with the types of jobs you want. Contact us today to get started!

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