How to Get into Television Acting

Are you one of those people that see actors on screen and think, “How did they get there and how can I?” If you have a dream of being in television acting or starring in a series, the process of doing so can be difficult and stressful, but it is possible. With the right dedication, skill, and patience, you can achieve almost anything!

Know What You’re Getting Into

Before pursuing a career in TV acting, you want to do as much research as possible before you get started on this road to make sure this career choice is the right fit for you. Know what you’re getting into. Television acting can be tough, and there isn’t necessarily a set schedule like a 9-5 job. Some days you might even be on set for 20 hours. It’s a job where you have to learn to be flexible: one day you might be inside for the entirety of shooting, the next you’re doing stunts outside with swords!

Rehearsals and table reads are also an important part of the job as you get ready to shoot and read over the script. While there’s no exact way of knowing exactly what every production will be like, be clear with yourself about what kind of job you’re wanting to pursue. It will be much more rewarding in the end that way.

Remember, Television Acting a Job

Whether you’ve gained an interest in acting through watching television, movies, and plays or actually been in a local or regional theater production, you’re still going to want to work on those acting chops. Working in television is still work, no matter how fun and different it may seem from a normal office career. It still requires as much if not more dedication and persistence.

Take your acting seriously and look at it as a job in order to refine it. Hone your craft through acting classes; whether those be community or university classes, you should practice, practice, practice! The more comfortable you are with acting, the more comfortable you will be in auditioning and eventually performing on screen. This is a great way of building your resume to show potential directors that you have an extensive background in acting productions.

With a resume also comes networking opportunities. Making connections is a major part of the entertainment business and you never know who you might meet. Be open and available during your time on projects, as you may end up establishing contacts that will be interested in working with you again. Another way to get involved is by joining an acting or talent agency. This will help in making your connections and get you highly desired auditions for television. Your agency works for you to promote and represent you. It’s the intermediary between you and casting directors who are looking for the right actor.

Audition, Audition, Audition

After researching, training, and networking, you want to be finding auditions. This will be essential in securing a role. Whether you have an agent who gets you an audition or you find them on casting websites where directors and producers post them, you will want to film yourself in order for them to see how well you work on camera. The audition or posting will most likely ask for a head shot, resume, and acting reel. Having all of these is essential to showing who you are and why you would be right for the part. Remember: you’re always trying to impress at auditions so put your best foot forward and always be working on improving.

Getting into television can be a tedious and painstaking effort – but it can also be a lot of fun! If you take the time to research the job, practice your craft, and network, you’ll get to meet many interesting people in the entertainment industry and the television world. Enjoy the adventure and be open to all the places it can lead!

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