What Is Art Modeling?

With so much focus on modeling for digital advertisements, growing social media followings, and appearing in videos, it can be easy to forget about some of the more traditional forms of modeling. One great example is live art modeling, a niche that’s not about to go anywhere.

What Does an Art Model Do?

Art modeling is one of the purest and most basic forms of modeling there is. The focus of the profession is all about the human form and providing an opportunity for artists to create unique paintings or drawings. Art models pose in a studio for a set period of time, while artists, typically painters, illustrators, or sculptors, use the model to create a piece of work.

The role typically involves a model striking a simple pose in the center of the room, surrounded by artists. Other art sessions may require the model to hold several poses for different types of art. This type of modeling is needed for multiple settings, from art schools to professional studios.

What Does It Take to Be an Art Model?

The main skill needed to be an art model is the ability to stand still for an extended period of time. You’ll also need to be comfortable putting yourself out there in front of a group of people, which can be intimidating. All types of bodies are requested for art modeling gigs, so you aren’t likely to run into any strict physical requirements.

There is one catch to art modeling that simply may not be for everyone: you may be asked to pose nude. Since art modeling is heavily focused on creating portraits and making art out of the human form, many art classes and studios use nude models.

Of course, if you’re not comfortable with this, there’s never any obligation. You should find out about the expectations of any project ahead of time so you aren’t put in an uncomfortable situation. Many art models pose partially clothed or fully clothed, so there are still opportunities even if you don’t want to take all of your clothes off.

For many up-and-coming models, art modeling is a great preparation tool for other types of modeling and performance down the road, whether you’re pursuing fitness modeling, high fashion, or even acting. You also may find that experimenting with posing nude or partially clothed will help you decide where your comfort level lies and what type of modeling you want to pursue in the future.

How to Become an Art Model

Unlike other types of modeling, art models aren’t typically represented by agencies. Instead, you can often easily find gigs by contacting local art schools and art studios. Art modeling is rarely a full-time job, which makes it a good option if you’re just getting started with modeling or want to pursue it as a hobby. You also may find art modeling jobs online, but be sure to carefully research any listings, especially for any nude modeling gigs. It’s also important to note that no legitimate art modeling gig, or any modeling job, will ask you to send over nude photos as part of the application process.

As you gain experience as an art model, you’ll gain confidence and experience that you’ll find very valuable in the future.

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