5 Tips to Get Your Child Into Acting

If one of your kids has expressed interest in being in the spotlight, then it’s time to get the wheels turning and make it happen! Of course, making this dream become a reality takes some intentional steps, especially when you’re also busy being a parent. To get a solid start, here are some helpful tips to follow.

1. Have Your Child Get Involved in School Plays

This is a little bit of a no-brainer if you’re trying to get your kids involved in acting. Even small towns have theater programs in public schools with drama teachers who are excited to have children acting in plays while taking it seriously. If your child wants to act, encourage them to start by getting some hands-on practice. Building up confidence and getting experience onstage early on will go a long way in preparing them for success down the road.

2. Enroll Your Child in Acting Classes

Being involved in drama is a good first step, but it might not be enough to help your child stand out if they want to get into more serious acting. Look for local acting classes your child can enroll in and encourage them to put in the work to advance in the curriculum. You can also find plenty of great resources online if you can’t find quality acting classes near you.

3. Start Creating Content

Kids have a wider platform than ever to get content out there and gain exposure. It’s not uncommon for social media accounts centered around child talent to gain substantial followings. Instagram and YouTube are generally the best platforms for kids’ content that can go viral and gain attention. And there are plenty of talent scouts and casting directors who browse these platforms to find actors.

4. Steer Clear of Children Acting Scams

The acting industry is highly competitive and selective, even when it comes to child acting. So one of the quickest ways to spot a scam is if the “agency” promises success or seems to focus more on the idea of fame than helping your child find an acting role that suits them. You should also know what the price of representation would be before you attend an event since many scams lure people in with the promise of fame only to reveal a huge price tag at the end.

5. Look for Local Casting Calls

Once you know what not to look for, you’ll want to look for acting gigs to help your child gain some industry experience outside of school plays. Look for small roles in TV shows or films shooting nearby, and don’t count out commercials being shot by local small businesses. If there are any advertising agencies in town, figure out who to contact to see if there is a need for a child actor in any upcoming campaigns.

When it comes to moving forward from here, you’ll want to find a legitimate acting agent for your child. Some of the best talent agencies for child acting include United Talent Agency, CESD Talent Agency, and Osbrink Talent Agency.

By taking some simple steps to make your child stand out and finding legitimate auditions, you’ll increase your child’s chances of realizing their acting dreams.

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