Casting Call for Movie About LeBron James

LeBron James seems to be enjoying his time on the big screen. With the new Space Jam movie enjoying box office success, the basketball superstar is slated for another round in theaters. However, this new project won’t have King James playing himself – which is where you could come in. Right now could be your shot to land a career-shaping role as a young LeBron James in the upcoming film, Shooting Stars.

About Shooting Stars

Based on the autobiographical novel of the same name by LeBron James, Shooting Starts tells the story of a group of kids around the ages of 10 and 11 in Akron, Ohio who form a basketball squad. This team would come to be known as the Shooting Stars. Quickly creating a strong bond, the young group of basketball players would stick together through successes and failures, ultimately winning the state championship during their senior year of high school.

The story also explores the strained dynamics the team faced as LeBron’s rise to stardom began to make the rest of the group feel overlooked and forgotten. This drama comes to a head when LeBron makes the innocent mistake of accepting a jersey from a fan, a rule violation that gets him suspended from the team during his senior year. LeBron then petitions to return in time to rejoin his friends on the court in time for the state championship.

Casting for the Role of LeBron James and Others

Currently, Universal Studios is seeking its star for the leading role of a young LeBron James. The casting call is seeking a Black male around the age of 15 to 18 with an athletic build, a tall stature, and exceptional basketball skills. Of course, the casting directors are also looking for someone resembling the four-time NBA champion.

If this is you, now is your time to apply for the role and to get an audition with the casting directors of Shooting Stars.

Casting is also looking for young, athletic actors to portray the other members of the Shooting Stars basketball squad, including “Lil Dru” Joyce, Willie, Romeo Travis, and Sian Cotton. Each of these actors must also be African-American and able to convincingly portray a skilled basketball player on screen.

Filming is slated to begin on October 25th, 2021, with a potential basketball training camp taking place shortly before principal photography begins.

How to Get Cast in Shooting Stars

Casting directors for Shooting Stars are currently accepting applications online for all lead roles. Right now is also a great time to start seeking out an agent who can get you an audition. For this type of role, having quality representation will allow you to be quite a bit more competitive when seeking out highly sought after roles such as the lead roles in Shooting Stars.

To help you get noticed by an agent, be sure to check out the virtual and live talent expos hosted by Discovery Spotlight. Contact us today to learn more and to steer your career in the right direction!

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