Casting Calls in Atlanta, GA for Fall 2021

Actors looking for work in the South have plenty of fun opportunities to look forward to, especially if you’re pursuing acting in Atlanta, GA. This fall is shaping up to be a full season of major productions with a wide range of roles for actors to audition for. Here are some of the best casting calls in Atlanta to look into this fall.

Put a Ring On It

Do your TV dreams include being the subject of a reality TV show? If so, you and your partner need to look into auditioning for Put a Ring On It on OWN. The series on Oprah Winfrey’s network is now casting for its third season. The series follows the lives of couples who are in long-term, live-in relationships who have yet to commit to getting married. So if you and your partner are down to go on an on-air journey of extravagant date nights and receiving relationship advice from Dr. Nicole Labeach, then it’s time to submit your application.

The casting call is asking for couples aged 30-50 in or near Atlanta, GA.

The Hollow

If you’re looking for a casting call in Atlanta to be in a film, this experimental horror film may pique your interest. The casting directors are currently looking for actors in Atlanta for a variety of roles, including the lead roles, Penelope and Julie.

The Hollow is also casting for the movie monster and background roles, particularly young partygoers. Filming is slated to begin this October in and around Atlanta.


Another fun opportunity for actors near Atlanta is Jerome, the latest project from Lost Lion Film Studios. The plot follows Jerome, a street dude who’s “gone straight,” perhaps to appease his dying grandmother. Through a series of ups and downs, Jerome must navigate how his decisions affect his family and his friends.

Casting is calling for males and females of all ethnicities and a wide range of ages. Filming starts at the beginning of October in Atlanta.

Strippers Vs. Aliens

As you can guess, this film is about a group of strippers who find themselves needing to kick some serious alien butt. Strippers Vs. Aliens is a project heavily influenced by 70s B films and is sure to be a fun time. The lead roles in this film need to convincingly portray exotic dancers, so any actors that audition for this film need to be comfortable showing some skin.

Casting for this film is calling for three female leads in their 20s or 30s and males who can portray soldiers.

Free Use

It feels fitting that multiple horror flicks are being filmed in October, doesn’t it? Free Use begins as Raven visits her best friend, who is in a free use relationship (if you don’t know what it is, be careful how you search for it). Predictably, things go too far and mayhem ensues.

The casting directors are still looking for actors for both the lead roles and supporting roles and filming is scheduled to take place October through December of this year.

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