Does Your Child Actor Want to Be on Nickelodeon?

Nickelodeon is one of the best networks for kids and teens, with an amazing lineup of shows, including Danger Force, iCarly, That Girl Lay Lay and Are You Afraid of the Dark? Producers and casting directors are always looking for fresh, new faces and they frequently hold auditions for kids, teens and young adults for some of the most popular Nickelodeon series.

How to Start if Your Child Wants to Be on Nickelodeon

Your child actor has honed their acting chops. You’ve hired a reputable agent. Your child has professional headshots, and you’ve worked to create the perfect resume that highlights your child’s personality and wealth of acting experience. Now you’re ready for the next step – open auditions for Nickelodeon.

Watch for Nickelodeon Casting Calls

Nickelodeon frequently advertises open casting calls online. It’s common for Nickelodeon to list auditions on Twitter or on websites like Playbill, Backstage and Walt Disney. An experienced agent can help you find the right acting opportunities for your child’s strengths and talents, and ensure their resume and headshots make it into the right hands.

Make a Great First Impression

Now’s the time to think family-friendly, fun, energetic and positive! For the actual audition, your child actor may be asked to audition virtually or in-person, depending on which roles Nickelodeon is trying to fill. Most auditions can be submitted via video, while in-person casting calls or master classes with a casting director may require you and your child actor to travel to participate. If you’re working with an agent, make sure you and your child understand the relevant details, so you don’t miss out on an important acting opportunity.

Regardless of whether your child auditions in your living room or live and in-person, remind them this is a professional audition and to act accordingly:

  • Dress appropriately – Wear something nice and bright, without distracting logos or slogans.
  • Be prepared – Your child may be asked to sing, learn and perform a dance combination, read from a script or recite a monologue. Pick audition material that is appropriate for your child actor’s age and range.
  • Turn on the energy and charm – Nickelodeon looks for child actors who are confident and have a positive attitude with a ton of energy and personality!

Stay Positive

Remember, stardom doesn’t usually happen overnight, so you and your child actor should be prepared to be flexible and gracious throughout the audition process. Your child may not get the part or hear back from the casting director immediately, so don’t get discouraged.

Nickelodeon is always looking for hardworking child actors who are serious about performing, and they believe in offering second chances. So, if your child actor didn’t make it the first time, encourage him or her to keep working on being the best performer he or she can be and to keep going on auditions.

Work with your agent and your child to find other acting opportunities, or attend a Discovery Spotlight Talent Expo, to help your child actor continue gaining valuable acting experience and exposure.

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