Unusual Modeling Jobs

Do you dream of walking the runways in Milan but stand 5’5” in heels? Or maybe you love
fashion but prefer to stay behind the scenes. Whatever your story is, you’re in luck. Not only is
the fashion industry changing to embrace more shapes and sizes, there are a plethora of unusual modeling jobs in need of people just like you.

Become a Fit Model

One of the most inclusive modeling jobs is probably the fit model. Ever wonder how designers get the tailoring on their creations just right? That would be thanks to their fit model. And this job isn’t just for a few sizes. Designers need a full range of sizes to ensure that their collections are ready-to-wear and suitable for people of all sizes. An extra bonus is this gig often translates to steady work because fashion design never takes time off.

How to Be a Hair Model

Also incredibly inclusive, hair modeling is open to anyone with locks! Although it doesn’t always
pay––sometimes you just leave with a new cut, color, or style––hair modeling is a great way to
get your feet wet in the modeling industry and update your look to boot! Don’t forget to request
copies of the photos from these jobs to add to your portfolio.

Try Body Modeling

If you’re not ready for a new do, have no fear. Body modeling has plenty of other niches, notably
hand and foot models. This sector can actually be quite competitive, but there is always a market for beautiful hands, feet, legs, and even ears that can sell shoes, accessories, and beauty products. This gig is great for those who may be self-conscious and prefer not to have their entire body seen.

Is Art Modeling Right for You?

If you’re looking for a role with an element of performance to it, consider applying to be a live
model or an art model. Live models act as human mannequins in storefront windows or events
and are sometimes asked to interact with shoppers and passersby.

Art models visit classrooms and studios, usually for figure-drawing classes. Check the listing to see whether nudity is required. Both jobs require confidence and the ability to pose for long periods of time, so if you’re the shy or fidgety type, refer back to some of the previously stated jobs.

Modeling Careers for All Ages

There is also a need for junior and senior models. A modeling career can begin while your child is still an infant (think of all of the diaper and formula ads you see), or it can start in retirement, or anywhere in between. You don’t have to be a certain age or have a specific look to be a model nowadays, there are plenty of campaigns in need of fabulous models at every age.

Still don’t know where to start? Attending a Discovery Spotlight talent expo will allow industry
professionals to guide you to the jobs best suited to you, provide invaluable training, and introduce you to representatives from some of the best modeling agencies in the country. Don’t wait, start living your modeling dream today!

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