Top 4 Interview Tips for Models and Talent

Everyone knows how important a first impression is. I encourage models and talent to think of their auditions or interviews just like they would any other type of professional job interview. This even applies to children. The entertainment world is unique that even kids need interview skills and resumes. Professional models and actors have the potential to book paying jobs, and that is why they must approach every opportunity as a professional. Below are my four interview tips to nail the audition and get the final acceptance, contract, or booking.

1. Make Yourself a Blank Canvas

Choose clothing, hairstyles, jewelry, nail polish, hair color and styles that are simple and conservative. Everyone has varying tastes and preferences when it comes to style. As a model or talent, you want the potential casting director or agent to see you however they prefer to see you so that they can envision marketing you that way. Suggestions for interview attire include navy, black, white or grey, fitted but not too tight clothing. Keep things neutral.

2. Follow Their Lead

Remember that you are the person being interviewed, not them. Let them control the situation. This means being a good listener and following instructions. Let casting director or interviewer ask the questions and get what they need from you during your interview. Whenever we interview and audition, we always look to see if applications are filled out completely and if someone can follow the instructions we give them. This can be anything from what to say when they introduce themselves or where to stand during an audition. If you have been provided a script in advance, memorize it!

3. Show Personality

Basically this comes down to showing your true colors and making yourself memorable. Everyone has a history, family, life experiences, hobbies, and things that make them unique. When the person interviewing you goes back to look at your information and potentially share it with others, you want them to remember exactly who you are. Maybe you come from a family of dairy farmers, or you sang “Prince” at your school talent show, you can wiggle your ears, or you are passionate about a cause in the community. Know who you are before you arrive, and be ready to brag about yourself. No one said models or talent should be modest.

4. Pat Yourself on the Back

It’s not easy to put yourself out there and experience the possibility of rejection. I can assure you that every star out there—models, musicians, artists, etc.—was not always accepted or approved. You often have to hear many nos before you hear a yes, but using these interview tips can reduce the number of rejections.

Be proud of yourself and know that every step brings you one step further in your journey. Remember that “discovery begins within.”

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