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How much does an actor make?

How Much Does an Actor Make?

The classic Hollywood dream of achieving fame and fortune is pursued by many, with only a small fraction reaching celebrity…

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Here is how you can get involved in Netflix casting.

How to Be Part of Netflix Casting

Netflix has solidly become synonymous with entertainment. The streaming giant transformed how people consume television and film, and the executives…

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Learn more about all the Black-ish spinoffs there are.

How Many Black-ish Spinoffs Are There?

It’s always exciting to see TV shows finding ways to innovate when it comes to storylines and themes. The ABC…

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Here are the ways to find the best modeling agency near me.

How to Find the Best Modeling Agency Near Me

Getting started in the modeling industry can become quite convoluted without any guidance. But it doesn’t have to be the…

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Read these tips on how to get your child into acting.

5 Tips to Get Your Child Into Acting

If one of your kids has expressed interest in being in the spotlight, then it’s time to get the wheels…

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Learn more about the umbrella academy upcoming season.

Would You Like to Join the Umbrella Academy Cast?

On February 15, 2019, the world was introduced to yet another entry into the superhero genre, this time on the…

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Here are the top four modeling agencies for models in new york. Learn more here.

The Top 6 Modeling Agencies in New York for New Models

For any model just getting their start, it can be intimidating thinking about trying to get hired by an agency…

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Learn more about Bad Boys 4.

Bad Boys 4 and Beyond

Hollywood has proved time and time again that no franchise is beyond resurrecting, even if its star actors are later…

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Learn all about the upcoming season of Stranger Things Cast.

Stranger Things Cast and Upcoming Seasons

You’re probably no stranger to the wildly successful Netflix original, Stranger Things. But just in case, the show portrays a…

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Learn more about TV casting and acting on television from Discovery Spotlight Model & Talent Expo.

Everything You Need to Know About TV Casting and Acting on Television

Realizing the dream of being a professional actor is a thrilling feeling, but it takes some serious work to achieve.…

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Here's how to capture the best headshots for your acting career.

How to Get the Best Headshots for Your Acting Career

There are a lot of things you don’t want to mess up when pursuing an acting career, but there’s one…

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Learn the benefits of becoming a fashion model.

Becoming a Fashion Model

Diving into the world of fashion modeling as a career is an exciting way to show off your talents and…

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